What is Solana Liquid Staking?

Staking is a way to earn interest on cryptocurrency you already hold.
Liquid staking takes staking a step further by adding flexibility to for users. When you stake your SOL on RunStake you are given RunSOL in return. This is a representation of your funds that are staked. This mechanism allows you to unstake your funds at any time by simply trading your RunSOL back to SOL.
Having a liquid representation of your stake allows you to stake for any amount of time you want. You aren't locked in unless you choose to be. Furthermore, your RunSOL is yours to control .You can trade, hold or spend it.
By staking Solana on RunStake you earn Solana at a high interest rate.
Solana is a proof of stake network. When you stake your Sol, you help secure that network. Your tokens are delegated to validators who process the actual transactions that run the Solana network. You are being rewarded for contributing your Solana to the community.