How do I get a Wallet?

Step 1: Choose a Wallet

A wallet is exactly like it is in the real world: a place where you store your money, in this case Solana and Solana based cryptocurrencies.
There are a number of Solana based wallets. My favorite as of writing this is https://phantom.app/. It’s very easy to install. Once on the website just click ‘Add to Chrome’. Follow the steps and it will be installed as an extension in your browser. Also, you don’t have to use Chrome. It can also be installed on Edge, Firefox and Brave.
Note: Make sure you save your seed phrase somewhere safe where no one will ever be able to get to it but you. This will allow you to get back into your wallet should you be on a different computer, forget your password or anything else.
Once installed the wallet will appear as an extension. In Chrome and Brave you can pin the Phantom icon to your favorites by clicking the puzzle piece and then clicking the pin icon next to the Phantom

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet

Next thing you’ll need to do is get some USDC in your wallet. You can do this any number of ways. The best option is usually transferring from a centralized exchange like Binance, Coinbase or FTX. If you fund with a credit card there are usually fees involved.
Note: If using Coinbase or Binance, you’ll have to send Solana first, then exchange for USDC. If using FTX, you can send USDC directly.
The following is a more detailed explanation of the process: https://medium.com/@defidecrypted/how-to-transfer-funds-to-solana-for-the-first-time-86ec5717630b​