RUN Token

Run Token Utility

RUN Token holders have a variety of ways they can utilize the RUN token on the RPC protocol and Stake Pool protocol.

Utility Summary

  • On-chain payment protocol for RPC Node Access
  • DAO governance voting in the RunDAO for future proposals like chain expansions, project investments, hackathon winners and more.
  • Run Airdrops for developers to get their tokens into the hands of users.
  • RunNFT white listing with NFT partners and NFT marketplace partners.
  • Compounding rewards in the RunNode StakePools with tiered incentives.
DAO Governance
RUN tokens will give voting rights in an upcoming RunDAO . This will allow for community governance platform.

Token Airdrops

Holders of the RUN Token will be able to receive airdrops from development projects that are building on the RunNode platform in exchange for discounts on their RPC services.

On-Chain RPC Access

Holders of the RUN Token will be able to receive airdrops from developers that are building on the RunNode platform.


Run Token stakers will have a variety of utility that are for both developers and DeFi power users. More partnerships and announcements coming soon.

Run Token Distribution

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Ecosystems Development & Stake Pool Incentives: 28.1% 281,000,000.00
Strategic Partnerships: 26.3% 263,000,000.00
Protocol Development & Operations: 22% 220,000,000
Mining Pool Emissions: 15% 150,000,000.00
Seed Sale: 5% 50,000,000.00
Public Sale: 2.5% 25,000,000.00
Airdrop: 1% 10,000,000.00
Category Breakdown
Ecosystem Development
Hackathon Sponsorships, Project Grants, DAO Investments, Staking Pool Dual Fee Tiered Incentive Revenue Structure
Strategic Partnerships
Exchange Listings, Ecosystem Project Alignments (2 to 6 year lock ups) Most notable partnerships: Alameda, Serum, Raydium.
Protocol Development & Operations
Validator and RPC Node costs, Community Management, Customer Support, Development Costs, Advisors, Team Allocations & Future Hiring Incentives (All team tokens, including future hires come with a 3 year lock up period with vesting)
Mining Pool Emissions
Raydium, Orca, Saber, Tulip, etc. pools
Seed Round
Funds, DAO's, Angels, Projects Investing at $30 million valuation. (2 year lock ups)
Public Sale
Raydium and SolStarter IDO launch Dec. 6th
Early supporters of the project get 1% airdropped to them after public sale.