What is RunNode?

RunNode is an RPC Node provider for the Solana Blockchain. We are the infrastructure that connects Web 2.0 (the current stage of the internet) to Web 3.0, the metaverse, VR and the cryptocurrency world as a whole.
Our focus is a seamless user interface, low cost RPC service and secure reliable connections.


The Solana blockchain is currently experiencing exponential growth in users and application development. This comes in the form of NFT projects, tokens, metaverse games and more. In order to continue to grow, Solana needs to be able to compete with other blockchains such as Ethereum. In order to do that, it needs similar tools and infrastructure that are not currently available on Solana.
Within the first weeks of opening its gates, RunNode has experienced insane adoption of its platform. That number is only growing. As a result, continually improving code and user experience is at the top of RunNode's priority list.

Problems RunNode Solves

Currently, there are not enough developer tools to entice developers from other blockchains. For this reason, we aim to make RunNode the easiest node provider to use, with a quick and easy way to sign-up and create your first project.

We're also building out a robust help desk to support the thousands of users currently integrating into our platform. For more info please visit our social platforms or contact us here.


At the moment, thousands of developers are learning rust and trying to launch on Solana. They are still using the public endpoints


Furthermore, the RPC Node services that do exist do not offer in-depth analytics. With our custom analytics, enterprise users will be able to view their data however they like. Even developer-level plans get access to basic analytics.

Rate Limits

Unlike most RPC Node providers, none of our plans are rate-limited, period.


RunNode will have a streamlined staking process for Solana that puts the user first. No more command-line interface and complicated documentation. Normal users will easily be able to become validators on the Solana blockchain.
Current node access does not scale with traffic usage. RunNode provides automatic scaling that takes traffic spikes into account should you be running an NFT drop or announcing an event.
Applications that are using the publicly hosted nodes from Solana and Serum are only allowed for 10 transactions per second, far less than the potential speed of the Solana blockchain.